Art is our weapon

Graphic Design


Artboard 2

Logotype stamped on T-shirt


On February 14th 2017, at a school only a 20 minute drive from my home, a boy killed 17 people with an automatic gun in the school where he has being expelled previously because of his erratic behavior. The community joined to protest and ask for gun regulation not just in Florida but in the whole country. Art is our weapon is one movement that was born in my community gathering artists from all kind of disciplines to contribute and protest through their art. A few days before the massive demonstration on March 24th they needed a logo they could place on a T-shirt to attend the march and represent the movement.

In an intense process of sketching and mainly discarding ideas, I came up with a solution. Use the silhouette of a bullet and fill it in with a paint brush, and contain it all within a gear with 17 teeth, one for each of the lives lost in the Parkland shooting. With a varsity kind of typography, that is the style used in college sport teams I wrote the name of the movement in English and Spanish.

Logotype at the march

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