At your kitchen

Graphic Design

Logotype and stationary


The client contacted me to create this logo for a new venture. The purpose was to go out and teach Floridian women how to cook again, responding to a higher rate of obesity and illness increasing in the United States of America and the world, caused primarily by eating processed food. I witnessed my client teaching her pupils, she would get into their houses and coach them on how use their own equipment and ingredients to get full menus cooked by them and inject confidence and share her knowledge with these women in order to breake the barrier of feeling they can’t cook.

What mainly captured my attention during the process was my clients’ infinite kindness and patience towards her pupils. She loves to cook herself and she created this safe environment within the pupils kitchens where learning can happen. Therefore I came up with, after several attempts and sketches, a final solution that shows the kitchen spoons united creating a heart shape over a plate or the typical electric range many households in Florida have. The color palette is very easy going: warm yellow going into orange, gray and white, very approachable and inexpensive, simple but beautiful.

Visual identity manual sample