Divino Dinero

Graphic Design

Sketching process



Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 5.16.26 PM

In this case I had to create the brand for a sub product, my client had already her main brand and a visual identity system for it. This sub brand belongs to a coaching program and a podcast that comes from it. This logo had to work on the digital platforms and webpages where the podcast can be accessed from.

The solution: In the visual identity manual it was already defined what colors and typographies I was allowed to use. It was suggested to use mandalas as visual auxiliaries, so I found a way in the so called “sacred geometry”. The grid upon wich I based my design was the “life seed” or source of abundance. Over this grid I made this stylized money symbol “$” opposing and mirroring two “d” letters, the initials for Divino Dinero (it translates to English as Divine Money). The result gives the illusion of the $ symbol as a floating diamond or particle.

Branded logotype

Artboard 2

Logotype in the app