Graphic Design

Well, if (think about the following):


People or clients ask you what your logo means.

Your logo looks different from one issue to another.

People misspell your business name when they read it on your logo.

They ask you what is portrayed in your logo (and you meant to do a clear statement)

They’ve mentioned they thought you do something that is not related to what you actually do when looking at your logo or communications (and you didn’t mean to infer that)

A marketer has already told you that your visual identity needs to be changed or enhanced.

You want to shift your way of doing  business or try a different business.

You are planning to open a new business.

Your logo needs to be tweaked constantly to adapt it to different media supports or printed pieces.

You know, believe or feel your logo should be better or different or something is off with it.


If you could relate to one or more of these sentences then you should give it a try.