Floreser Mujer

Graphic Design

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Collateral design


My client is a visual artist that dedicates a lot of effort to empower women through art and education.When she contacted me to do this logo they were about to start a new program for girls who are about have their first menstrual period so they can be prepared in a kind way to embrace all that is about to happen in their bodies and lives. The previous work bonding with their community, learning how to embrace the feminine energy and reality to expand their awareness and evolve as women had only been done with adults, so opening this program for girls was a very important step.

This logo pictures what the name in Spanish means: Florecer = to bloom, Ser= to be, Mujer = woman. I create every flower with lines as the vibe or energy present in this community. The flowers have 5 petals because the pentagram has represented the female, in different moments in history and cultures. I wanted to represent with the flowers in this logo different stories that happen at FloreSer Mujer: either the girl that is evolving as a woman, the woman that is supporting a girl, the girl reaching out for an adult’s hand and the woman that is bearing her own inner child.

The colors chosen are derived from red, the color of blood, passion and sex. I chose orange to represent the girl, because it’s not a pure red yet. I chose violet for the adult, positioning red a little forward into the chromatic spectrum. The typography is very special because it is overall beautiful, harmonic and bold, but has delicate features at the same time.

Visual identity manual sample