Hope Alchemy

Graphic Design

Client's original sketch/logo

client request

Actual logotype

Artboard 1

My client approached me with a clear objective. She loved the mandala she was using as her logo, but it was literally a drawing she had done with colored pencils and she needed a proper logo for business cards and other things. So in this case I didn’t have to sketch that much, but think about how to capture the essence of that mandala and translate it into a working functional logo.

The first challenge was to edit. With this logo I needed to tell a story using only the proper amount of elements to communicate the idea.

My client’s most urgent need besides her logo was her business cards. I told her we could make them with different colors in the back or even a different message if she wished. She had this vision of stating her slogan in the back of her cards: “You are magnificent” so whenever she gives away her cards she will be delivering the message she wants to convey.

Business cards