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Former logotype

former logo

Actual logotype and the symbols in it


Logotype variations

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The biggest preoccupation I had when I started this project was that my client wanted to have a christian cross in their logo, because that’s the religion they profess. They had it in their former logo. It also portrayed a crescent moon, I guess because night is the time when we are supposed to sleep, but it is also represents the muslim religion. This lead to a very confusing logo.

In this case I knew that the logo needed to communicate better the fact that it is a medical practice whose purpose is having their patients recovering their health through specialized medical treatment for sleep and pulmonary conditions. It was also evident to me when I met my client that the values of Christian religion are the same they live with their practice. It is important for the patients because it is a distinguishing characteristic of their practice however it shouldn’t be a symbol causing confusion or distraction to new patients.

The solution I gave them also conveys symbols but I was careful that couldn't be easily misinterpreted as you can see in the pictures. I always had in mind while creating this logo all the places a practice may need to place its logo (such as the reception desk or even the embroidered coats) so I strived to make it an all terrain logo.

Front desk logotype