Mujeres Latinas

Graphic Design

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logo mujeres latinas

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This organization needed me to recover the original logotype file and refresh its visual identity, this brand has being around for about 20 years in Broward County, so I kept all the elements of the logo that makes it identifiable: color, icon and typography. The improvements I implemented where harmonizing the icon drawing and changing the tag line typography so in order to improve the readability in small prints or long distance spotting. Generating the visual identity manual has settled a reference document for vendors to consult when creating new designs or for the members to know whether or not authorize new designs, anyone can find examples of how to use, or not to, the logo and visual elements of the brand.
I also have redesigned their brochure and digital newsletters.

Visual Identity Manual

manual ml
manual ml 2

Different applications examples

new site

Former brochure

viejo brochure 2
viejo brochure

New brochure design